Fort Ord Trails Master Plan Monterey County, California

Fort Ord Recreational Habitat Area Trails Master Plan

In 2002, Monterey County took ownership of approximately 2,100  acres of land to be maintained as a habitat preserve in perpetuity, as mitigation for the development of various properties on the former Fort Ord.  Because of their location, these Habitat Management Areas serve as a critical gateway between future developed areas and the recreational opportunities of the BLM lands. The Master plan formalizes a network of trails reflecting diverse user needs and environmental conditions, and is in accordance with the draft Habitat Conservation Plan in providing adequate species protection for Federal and State-listed species.

Once the environmental analysis was complete, trail alignments were refined and prioritized based on community input and design criteria such as preferences for trail width and soil type, connectivity between staging areas and desired destinations and historic landmarks, and future management goals. Those trail alignments that best met all of these criteria were incorporated into a Final Master Plan and report. Master Plan recommendations were acknowledged by Habitat Conservation Plan EIR with no significant impacts.

Client: Monterey County Redevelopment Agency