Orange County Great Park – South Lawn Fields Irvine, California

Orange County Great Park – South Lawn

The South Lawn is a sports facility providing lighted tournament quality soccer fields. Working with architects WRNS Studio and Sherwood Design Engineers, the program includes synthetic and natural turf, picnic areas, tree filled plazas, restrooms, and nature trails. The fields are ringed by tree lined walks providing shaded seating areas for spectators.

Site stormwater is collected and stored in a 4.9 million gallon storage ponds for reuse in the site irrigation system, a pilot study for a park wide stormwater management system. The goal is to reduce agency dependent recycled water by 40%. The design team negotiated constraints posed by this designated Superfund site with a Navy groundwater remediation conveyance line, and underground  high voltage conduit.

Client/Owner: City of Irvine/Orange County Great Park
Award: California Park and Recreation Society Award of Excellence in Design 2014