Dear Clients and Colleagues,

During this unprecedented time dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic the principals and employees of BFS hope that our clients, colleagues and families remain safe and healthy.

Out of concern for ourselves and our families and in accordance with the continuing Public Health Orders from Santa Clara and Monterey counties we have given all our staff the option of working remotely from home. Specific staff members may be working in both our offices, but we will still not be scheduling any face to face meetings on location. Travel to construction sites is limited to essential visits, with strict safety protocols. It is likely these directives will be extended till Public Health Orders note otherwise.

We have continued our commitment to our clients’ projects since mid-March, and will continue to do so and communicate with and be available to each of you via email, phone calls and shared screen conferencing. For any project or administration questions please reach out to your office contact via email. We will be checking and responding to any voicemails left at our Monterey office on a daily basis. If you have any general mail or packages to send to BFS, please send to our Monterey address, otherwise to the address your BFS office contact provides you.

We thank you for your continued patience and cooperation. Our wishes go out to everyone and hope that together we can get past this challenging time.