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Evergreen Valley College Arts Plaza And Central Green


At BFS, we create outdoor environments that encourage and support all aspects of physical, social and intellectual development. We work closely with school districts and multi-disciplinary teams to create campuses that reflect each school’s unique environmental setting and educational goals, as well as the campus’ integration with the surrounding community.

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Chomp Meditation Garden


Healthcare facilities offer places of healing, with views of the natural surroundings and accessible outdoor spaces for both patients and staff. BFS strives to bring these beneficial elements to each facility. We integrate these sites with practical elements such as parking, site lighting and emergency vehicle access to provide a complete site development package for our clients.

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Casa Munras Hotel And Spa


BFS creates landscapes that offer a welcoming retreat to relax and refresh the mind, body and spirit. Working as part of a collaborative team, we design environments where architecture and landscape blend seamlessly, from private spaces for renewal, to gathering spaces for socialization and events. We work with our clients to design places that are functional and responsive to the business model of each site.

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Santa Catalina School Chapel


Community facilities are often at the core of a neighborhood and a reflection of the history and cultural dynamic of a place. BFS works closely with architects, clients and citizens to create distinctive facilities that enhance the unique identity, history or cultural dynamics of the community. Paying close attention to details, scale, site amenities and plant materials, our designs reinforce the identity of the community and beyond.

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Hellyer Park Playground


Designers at BFS are advocates for the owner, the community and the environment. We work at all scales—from regional open space planning to small neighborhood parks and historic park development. By engaging the community in the design process and using our experience in natural resource data collection and evaluation, we balance human needs, budgets and desires with those of the natural environment. The results are sustainable parks and open spaces that provide enhanced recreation opportunities for people to explore the outside world.

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Southwestern Community College


Athletic facilities are complex systems with design and engineering solutions to respond to unique site conditions and financial resources available. At BFS, we design athletic facilities for the athletes that train and play on them and for the coaches, athletic directors and recreation managers that rely on them for readiness and safety. Our work also benefits maintenance staff so they can keep those facilities in optimal condition.

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Upper Forty Residence


Whether a design for renovation or a new home, BFS creates harmonious landscapes tailored to the site and desires of the homeowner. Working closely with clients and project teams, BFS designs livable outdoor spaces that meet functional and aesthetic requirements while seamlessly connecting the natural and built environment.

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