Evergreen Valley College San José, California

Evergreen Valley College Arts Plaza and Central Green Projects

Funded by bond measures in 2004 and 2010, this community college has undertaken several new buildings, landscape, and infrastructure upgrades over the last decade. BFS was competitively selected to design the Central Green (a major central space of the campus), the Arts Plaza (a new east entrance to the campus), and separated bus and car drop-off areas.

Designed in the early 70’s, the campus has a strong geometric triangular framework of roads and walkways. BFS completely redesigned the open space of the Central Green within this framework, rehabilitating a memorial plaza with new trees and site furniture. The Arts Plaza’s strong radial design combines paving patterns, tree planters, benches, and lights lead visitors from the parking and drop-off areas towards the center of campus.

Client: San José-Evergreen Valley Community College District