Hartnell College Quad Modernization

Founded in 1920, Hartnell College is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in California. Hartnell College has a highly diverse student body and draws students from the Salinas Valley, Monterey Peninsula, and California’s Central Coast. The 6.5-acre quad is at the center of the main campus of Hartnell College. It’s delineated by buildings of the College Center, Science Center, Physical Education, and Administration. A large lawn filled the quad area that was worn down from decades of use.

BFS reconfigured the vehicular and pedestrian circulation and reorganized the space to promote the connection between the buildings and open the quad to the new nursing facility at the south end. The new design activates diverse outdoor usage by creating varied spaces—sunbathed lawn terraces, block benches under tree canopy, group seating with wheelchair spaces, and a mini-amphitheater as a focal point. Layers of curves consisting of linear walls, paving bands, planting strips, and open lawn areas reshape the space and integrate landscape elements. Additionally, the BFS design responds to the college district’s long-term simple and low maintenance request.

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