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Portola Plaza Fountain
Portola Plaza Fountain
Fountain at dusk with lighting
3D rendering of the plaza and fountain

Portola Hotel & Spa Fountain

In conjunction with the City of Monterey’s Conference Center renovation, plans for the adjacent Portola Hotel & Spa included a renovation of the lobby and a new entrance plaza. A design feature of the plaza was to include a new fountain. BFS was engaged independently of the project design team to meet with stakeholders from the City, Conference Center, and hotel representatives, to discuss and reach a consensus on priorities, budget, and design.

BFS’ design vision was to create the fountain as a sculptural piece unique to Monterey, representative of the City’s relationship with the sea. The fountain form and materials complement the layered historical significance of downtown Monterey and blend seamlessly with the contemporary architecture and materials of the renovated conference center and plaza.

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