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Entrance drop-off to buidlings
Entrance drop-off to buidlings
Entrance to building
Entry with security treatments—a series of block walls forming pathways
Buildings and drop-off with plantings and new trees in foreground
Patio with tables and chairs at patio near entrance
Building with plantings in foreground at dusk

Major General Gourley VA Outpatient Clinic

BFS coordinated with the architectural team on the outdoor courtyards for physical therapy and movement programs. The landscaped arrival, entry drop-off, and building perimeter required security treatments to meet the Department of Defense security standards. A combination of grade changes, boulders, and site walls integrated security and safety requirements subtly into the landscape.

Coastal Monterey cypress trees in the Highway One Scenic Corridor frame views into and from the new healthcare clinic. With a focus on veterans’ treatment for physical and mental health wellness, the site offers indoor and outdoor healing environments.

Topography and winds created challenges for accessibility, circulation, security, and outdoor comfort. Site walls, vegetation, and orientation serve to create comfortable outdoor spaces for therapy and respite for patients, families, and staff. The landform and soils support an aggressive onsite stormwater detention program and the planting design utilizes native coastal vegetation to provide color and landscape accents in conformance with the Scenic Corridor and Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) urban design guidelines. 

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