The selected project site has one of the best micro climate landscapes on the Monterey Peninsula. Buffered from coastal fog and winds, the site is warmer and provides long distant vistas to the south and east, with extensive screening of Highway 68. Topography, coast live oaks, oak chaparral vegetation, and grass open space offer on-site respite within the Ryan Ranch campus development.

Creating an arrival to the Ohana campus, will begin with reshaping an earth berm and introducing clustered oaks along an arrival path to the lobby. Walking through the lobby to an outdoor terrace for 50-100 people, smaller trees will frame views to the hillsides and soften views to the surrounding buildings. Shrubs, trees and grasses will be selected to provide seasonal variety for sight, smell and touch. Interior courtyards will integrate small shade planting with pavers and decks to accommodate individual meditative spaces or small group discussions. Courtyard gardens are intended to be an extension of interior spaces. Lighting will accentuate views into gardens and support evening programmed uses. Use of water to provide some natural sounds will also be an attraction to support bird and wildlife.

For larger managed courtyard activities, the spaces will be transformative with moveable tables and chairs that offer options for group or individuals. For the perimeter landscape, topography and trees can create a variety of open spaces, primarily for passive walking paths. The landscape can incorporate subtle nature experiences with plants, wildlife, wind, and water. Bench locations can focus day and nighttime views. Harvested rain water can be reused for visual water features, sound experience and support wildlife. To address security, a combination of fencing and vegetation can provide needed barriers without visual intrusion. Connections to the large neighborhood can be enhanced for staff and visitors with extended stays.

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