Calero Park Master Plan Santa Clara County, California

Calero County Park Trails Master Plan

Using County data, GIS technology, staff knowledge, on-site field verification, and extensive community input, BFS Landscape Architects developed a master plan that outlines the expansion of an existing trail system to include limited use trails for equestrians, hikers, dogs on-leash and multi-use trails for all users.

The plan recommends trail alignments that protect and enhance existing resources, accommodate new trail user groups and new trail uses while also meeting current user needs. Newly proposed trails and facilities will open the recently acquired Rancho San Vicente portion of the park to the public. Regional connections enhance the County wide trails system. Detailed plan implementation strategies ensure that the project will be implementable, sustainable and adaptable to new circumstances in the future. The project was completed within schedule and budget and is a good example of how public and agency concerns can be aligned through coordination between client, consultant, the public, review boards and other concerned parties and agencies. As part of the project an initial study and mitigated negative declaration was processed.

Client: Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department