Orchard Lane Park

Orchard Lane Park is a 3.5-acre park located in Soledad, California. This neighborhood park provides a diverse range of program features to a community and City, which has typically been underserved with park space. Within the park, the community will enjoy traditional park programming in addition to a new dog park, skate park, sprayground, a custom-designed inclusive playground and public art features.  The park program was determined in 2019 when the City and their consultant team (including BFS) applied and were awarded over $7 million dollars to build this park through the Prop 68 State Parks Grant Campaign.

Design of the park was a collaborative process between the design team, city staff, city council and the community. Community outreach and public meetings were held through the entirety of the design process and community ‘buy-in’ was important to the final design approval by the City Council. To successfully facilitate community outreach during the pandemic, BFS created a project website, digital bilingual materials, project logo for branding and interactive surveys and work-groups . As the lead consultant, the City relied on BFS to manage the park design and to ensure that all grant program requirements were met. Due to the small size of the site, fitting in the skate park, playground and sprayground required BFS and our team to collaborate closely and work together to ensure we were meeting our budget and our project schedule.

The inclusive playground design at the park was led by BFS. Once a theme was selected, BFS worked closely with play equipment manufactures to create custom structures for the park that are accessible, flexible in use and engage the imagination of all children. We selected a range of other supporting play elements to ensure that the playground design was inclusive for all children.

The parks is scheduled to go to bid in November of 2021 with a public opening in Fall 2022.

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