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Seaside Parks Revitalization

In the past year, the City of Seaside embarked on a transformative journey, reimagining its local and community parks. Thrilled to be a part of this progressive initiative, BFS collaborated closely with the city and Whitson Engineers to bring these plans to life. Today, numerous park projects are in construction or have been recently completed:

Cutino Park is currently undergoing its second phase of enhancements, including upgraded playgrounds, spacious picnic areas, and open spaces, along with the addition of a new parking lot for visitor convenience. These improvements exemplify the city’s commitment to creating vibrant and accessible recreational spaces.

Following the adoption of the Lincoln Cunningham & Havana Soliz Parks Masterplan by the City Council on November 2nd, the revitalization of park infrastructure and amenities is well underway. Exciting progress includes the installation of a brand-new basketball court at Lincoln Cunningham Park, enhancing recreational opportunities for the community.

Highland Otis Park eagerly anticipates the completion of its playground replacement. This upgrade promises an exciting enhancement to the park’s recreational offerings.

Ellis Park’s transformation was successfully completed in 2022, featuring a versatile multi-use court, inviting playgrounds, and scenic picnic areas. The park now stands as a testament to Seaside’s dedication to creating dynamic and engaging public spaces.

In collaboration with BFS Landscape Architects, the City of Seaside’s unwavering commitment to its community radiates in the transformative rejuvenation of its parks. Through upgraded amenities and vibrant spaces, the city exemplifies its passionate dedication to creating engaging environments that enrich the lives of its residents.

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