Salinas Regional Soccer Complex

Formed in 2008 by local community volunteers, the Salinas Regional Soccer Association (SRSA) is spearheading the development of the Salinas Regional Soccer Complex. The 42-acre site will include eight natural grass fields, two artificial turf fields, an indoor soccer arena, walking trails, outdoor sports courts for multiple sports, and sand soccer and volleyball.

BFS has assisted SRSA and the City of Salinas with the existing facility renovations, grant applications, and the proposed expansion planning process since 1996. SRA’s soccer complex project received unanimous approval from the Salinas City Council in 2014.

Stormwater management is critical to the project plan as the adjacent creek terminates in Carr Lake, a seasonally dry lakebed in the heart of the City. The overall plan and field design mitigate agricultural runoff and seasonal flooding while protecting the willow habitat along the creek and roadway within the project boundary.

As the prime consultant, BFS and the project team completed the design and construction for the existing Phase 1 field area renovation and Phase 2-3 synthetic and natural fields construction documents. Currently, BFS is completing the Phase 4 indoor soccer, plaza, and parking design. Overall construction value is estimated to be upwards of $30M. Phase 3 is starting construction in March of 2023. 

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