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Deran KoligIan Stadium
Deran KoligIan Stadium

Deran Koligan Stadium

The Central Unified School District returned to BFS Landscape Architects to provide plans and specifications for the replacement of the synthetic surfacing planned and designed by BFS and DMA Sports Group in 2005. The previous field wore well but a replacement was necessary after approximately ten years of use.

The new turf system is quickly becoming a winner in overall design and performance. Developed for the City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department by DMA Sports, it simplifies the turf concept by removing the need for infill materials—avoiding the controversial SBR tire rubber and expensive alternatives. It also contains the work-horse yarns of the industry that make up the turf matrix. Zeolite infill was installed at low rates only to provide hydration. The system passes the 2-Star level FIFA performance protocol for synthetic turf.

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