4S Ranch Sports Complex

The County of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department planned to convert a portion of the 25-acre 4S Ranch Sports Park to synthetic surfacing. They chose the portion of the park that had the most overall use from organized play to day-to-day practices and general open space use. The project deliverable was design-build through a Job Order Contract (J.O.C). BFS worked with Earth Forms Inc, the J.O.C. contractor, to prepare design documents for the conversion of the nearly 205,000 SF of natural grass playfield areas to synthetic surfacing. The design process included public meetings with residents, leagues, and County Parks and Recreation staff. A site plan was developed to ensure that the minor little league and girl’s softball league use worked with the soccer leagues. The positioning of the ball field diamonds and scheduling allowed soccer and ball field play to occur simultaneously. Creative design and team-work kept the overall cost below $6/SF (typically $8–10/SF), and within the J.O.C. contract limits of the contractor.

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