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Rendering of Carr Lake Park on aerial
Rendering of Carr Lake Park on aerial
Carr Lake Park Conceptual Site Plan with numbered key areas
3D rendering of Carr Lake Park look down

Carr Lake Recreation, Open Space & Restoration

Big Sur Land Trust spearheads a transformative initiative in Salinas by purchasing 73 acres within the Carr Lake basin. BFS Landscape Architect is a partner in the master plan of this visionary project, which aims to establish a 6-acre park and open space in the heart of Salinas. The neighborhood park will offer a range of facilities, such as playgrounds, walking paths, and picnic areas, fostering community engagement. Simultaneously, 67 acres of land will be meticulously restored to a riparian freshwater marsh and upland habitat, focusing on enhancing water quality and flood conveyance. The public will be able to access the wetlands through a recreational trail loop system. This project, shaped through extensive community input, promises to be a natural sanctuary and recreational haven for all residents.

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