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Laguna Grande Park Vegetation & Trail Maintenance Plan

Laguna Grande Park is a 35-acre regional park on the border of the cities of Monterey and Seaside. It is actively managed by the Laguna Grande Regional Park Joint Powers Authority (JPA), which includes the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District, the City of Seaside, and the City of Monterey.  At the center of the park is a large freshwater lake that is a rich habitat for birds, wildlife, and native riparian vegetation. Around the perimeter of the lake is a 1-mile loop trail that connects park users to playgrounds, soccer fields, picnic areas, and parking lots.

The park was formalized in 1978 and as It has matured in age, there is a need to maintain the vegetation and trails to allow for safe access through the park and to discourage illegal camping in the park’s densely vegetated areas. BFS was selected by the JPA to develop a maintenance plan that will go through the environmental review process (CEQA) and a permitting process with agencies such as California Fish and Wildlife, the Regional Water Quality Board, and the Coastal Commission. The maintenance plan will restore the balance between nature and people, enhance habitat and viewsheds, and develop a long-term maintenance strategy. BFS is working closely with the JPA staff and the community to set priorities and create an implementation strategy that meets the resources of JPA agencies.

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