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Picnic benches in the shade next to play area
Picnic benches in the shade next to play area
Drone shot of play area
Picnic area with wood and rock stepping stones in mulched area
Picnic structure with picnic tables inside and out next to play area
The bioswale with rocks, gravel and plantings
Drone shot of the play area, picnic area with shade structure, and basketball court

Via Toledo Park

The Hayward Area Recreation and Park District engaged BFS to design a new neighborhood park on a 2.1-acre parcel in an underserved neighborhood in San Lorenzo, adjacent to the City of Hayward. Working off a concept plan developed by the District in an earlier master plan process that included neighborhood user and stakeholder workshops, BFS refined the park plan which includes a playground, a nature exploration area, fitness equipment, a ½-acre lawn, a ½ basketball court, and a picnic plaza with shade structure, all of which are connected by a looped pathway which is accessible for maintenance.

Since connecting to the nearest storm drain half a block away would have required extensive street work, the design team developed a stormwater management strategy based on grading the lawn area for temporary ponding with storage in oversized underground pipes to accommodate a 100-year storm event. As a fail-safe, the system is designed to overflow under the sidewalk into the gutter. Planting design concentrates smaller flowering perennials and grasses at entrance areas, while larger peripheral zones are spreading California native groundcovers.

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